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As the pool of available public money for humanitarian aid and development programming continues to shrink the world over, it is more critical than ever to approach donor communications with a strategy tailored to the needs and priorities of the intended audience. We provide editorial and design services for a range of donor communications products, including white papers, donor proposals and results reporting, and annual reports. We have already helped social good organizations raise millions of dollars for a range of initiatives, including ones to fight poverty, adapt to climate change, and improve education.



We provide full service publication management, from initial concept, research, and strategy to writing, editing, and design. We have experience producing a range of social good publications, including white papers, donor proposals and reports, research products, and advocacy and marketing materials. We can also advise on the best format and platform for your message depending on its intended reach and audience.


Social good organizations are under constant pressure to create editorial, visual, and multimedia content that inspires, informs, and persuades audiences across a range of online channels. We can help you formulate a communications strategy that fits the unique mission and message of your organization, and then transform your research, advocacy, and results into blog posts, infographics, opinion pieces, press releases, and social media posts. We also provide online and social media marketing support for your content.

Photo Credit: UNESCO

Photo Credit: Amir Jina / Flickr

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